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Hi I'm Lis and I can change your life.

Success is not an accident

Are you focused on winning in life

...or just going along for the ride?

Intuitive Success

  • Are you sick of the same old routine?

  • Feel stuck and don't know where to turn?

  • Find yourself thinking "Is this it?"

  • Know that its time to change but are scared to start - or don't know how?

  • Do you get to Monday morning and think "Here we go again"?

The thing is, you are not alone. Millions of people every day lie awake at night having these same thoughts, wondering if they will just continue trudging along in everyday life until they fall into retirement - or worse.

And then what?

Something is MISSING. 

If life seems to be dragging you along with it, there is a good reason for it.

Our minds are designed to listen and learn in our formative years, that everything we hear is true. It relies on these "facts" to keep you safe, and more importantly: alive. That's its job. If you still lived in a cave surrounded by sabre-tooth tigers you might see the advantages of following parental instructions to a tee.
These days we are diverse beings, with complex lives beyond mere survival. But your brain has not evolved with the same speed.
As we become adults we compare what we were taught growing up with what we hear now, and reject what doesn't fit. Our own judgemental voice, with its thousands of thoughts a day, is the confirmation we might have once needed to keep us safe.
Like it or not you are designed to do what you were told.
So the judgmental voice of fear Will. Not. Stop. because your life depends on it
(or so it seems).
Confirmation bias is real -  
it's your own survival map, but its limited by what was put there in your formative years.

Left to its own devices the subconscious mind will keep running these "safety" programs that might not line up with where consciously you are trying to head in life.

So, trying to change using willpower alone is like using a toothpick to fell a tree, whether its a mid-life change in career or a New Years Resolution.

If this primitive survival system is keeping us from change, what can we do?
Intuitive Success Coaching puts you in the driving seat of your own life. 

Then hey presto - suddenly change can happen.
And sometimes change can happen suddenly.

It's like taking a river full of fish and encouraging them to all swim in the same direction - a direction that is working for versus against you.

Shift your perspective - Change your thinking
Change your thinking - Change your habits
Change habits - Change your life

If you can imagine it - You can achieve it!
Your mind actually does not know the difference between imagined and real - 
Remember that scary movie that had you on the edge of your seat?
Intuitive Success
Midlife Crisis

Reveal the person you know you are deep down inside.

Achieving Goals

Find a simple way to reach your goals and dreams.

Bad Habits

Shift your perspective around bad habits.


Rewire your brain for success on and off the field - exercise your imagination.

Leaf Wreath
Anxiety and Stress

Shift outdated belief systems that are creating stress in life. 

Chronic Pain

Update neural pathways to relieve old and stuck pain messages.

Coaching Goals
Photo on 2-2-21 at 5.56 PM.jpg

I have been there too

I will help you change your life.

Born of English and Irish parents, and raised against a backdrop of music, art and Welsh ponies, I escaped a "normal" life by running away to the bright lights of the Rock and Roll circus.
Driven purely by a love of music and a need to expand my world, I succeeded as an audio engineer for 27 years, most of it spent travelling the world with musicians.
The increasing boredom of hours spent sitting in tour buses and international airports gave me ample opportunity to observe human behaviour, and during shows I became intrigued by the interpretation of sensory input: The ears and listening to sound; the eyes and seeing light. The concept of undetectable wavelengths, whether in the world or inside the brain prompted further investigation and fuelled my interest in all things esoteric. 

In 2010 and 2011 I studied 2 of the 8 branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine and developed a deep interest in earth energies, European petroglyphs and dowsing. Those formative years amidst the British folk revival and associated traditions had laid the groundwork, and soon my interest took me on a journey to study the ancient ways of Shamanism and Celtic and Nordic ritual.

2012 took me back to Ireland to visit a multitude of ancient and spiritual sites and in 2016 I took a solo trip to the jungles of Peru to witness first hand the life-changing experience of Ayahuasca. I was now convinced of a common thread that intersects all culture across history: Altered states create change at a fundamental and subconscious level. 

Becoming a certified hypnotherapist was the next logical step.

The hypnotic state is equivalent to the Shamanic trance state, and key for accessing neurology to elicit deep and lasting change. The early 20th century idea of the adult brain as being a fixed, unchangeable entity is history and neuroplasticity is widely accepted by the scientific community.

I am thrilled to be working in this exciting and developing field and to have found my purpose – to help others change their lives in the way I changed mine.

Outside of the office I love jumping onto horses or trekking out on foot, researching new megaliths to investigate, and attending bizarre workshops.
I follow the waxing and waning of the moon, watch clouds and love snuggling with my cat.

Qualifications and Training:

Clinical Hypnotherapist #CHT118-018 certified by the A.C.H.E

Founded by Gil Boyne in 1973, the A.C.H.E. is the primary organization that has been responsible for the recognition and regulation of hypnotherapy training in the USA. This organization is a state-chartered, non-profit professional corporation that has established standards for specialized education and maintains standards of practice and a code of ethics:

American Council of Hypnotic Examiners.

OldPain2Go™ Certified Practitioner

Read more about OldPain2Go™

My Story
upgrade your thinking

"I have suffered from nightmares and night terror for years. I had 1x 90 minute session with Lis - The nightmares stopped the same night. I was stunned as I had come to accept that that they would be with me forever.

Lis was extremely professional and thorough. She put me at ease from the beginning, and I had complete trust that I could stop the session if I ever felt uncomfortable.

Highly recommended."

— Gina Charlesworth, UK



20 Mins
Smiling Woman
Up to 1 hour 
New Client 
90 minutes
Single Session
Reach the Top

Drop me a line and lets chat

All appointments by Zoom



What is Intuitive Success Coaching?

This is the approach that I use to access and engage the innate wisdom of your heart and soul. I creatively engage that part of you to open up and inform previously held beliefs and automated “life” programs that there is another way to engage with the world, whether for business or for life beyond the office.

I will guide you through this creative and intuitive process that may have been dormant or ignored for a long time. Believe it or not, you were born whole, and have innate access to great wisdom once you are ready to listen to it.

All the answers lie within and my job is to assist you in reaching them.


Why choose Intuitive Success Coaching?

Change-work using focus and imagination has been proven time and again to be effective in making lasting change, whether it's for Olympic training or reaching goals. Other modalities may catch up eventually –  the subconscious mind must accept and agree to overwrite out-dated belief systems, and as its primary job is survival, it is reluctant to do so. Naturally this process can be long and laborious.

With my creative and intuitive process, your powerful mind creates incredible, fast and successful solutions.

Why? Because they all come from within you.

What is OldPain2Go™

It is a method to directly communicate with the subconscious. It is a fantastic bargaining tool for rapid change for people seeking instant results without engaging in a greater co-creative process.

Although the protocol was developed for reducing or removing outdated pain signals, it can be utilised for other areas where "removing" a problem vs creating an outcome is the better option.

To read more, please visit the founder of this process, Steven Blake, at:

What is your cancellation policy?

48 hours. Rescheduling is easy.

Do you take bookings over the phone?

We will connect initially by email, and all sessions are conducted over Zoom. 

So I will be doing my sessions from my own living room?

Yes. Providing you have a quiet place to be undisturbed for the duration of our session, in a comfortable arm chair that is safe to relax in, online sessions are way more convenient for clients. Just remember to turn your phone completely off and shut the cat in the kitchen. 

Headphones are required, the kind you use for your cell phone with a built-in microphone. Please test your settings before our session starts.

The platform I use is Zoom. It is free, you can download it here:

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