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  • Higher self resides in spiritual form

  • overseeing

  • connected to both physical 'you' and source

  • truest self, "knowing" across time and space

  • i.e. great resource for highest good!

Client MUST believe Spirit having HUMAN expereince

WHY) offer and value)?

  • reconnect with PL exp.

  • greta way to connect with higher self!

  • understand connections to place

  • explore past/current soulmate experiences

  • identify ailments as remnants

  • (my story of shoulder/rolfing)

  • explore unresolved emo creating fears/beliefs carried through and affecting this life

  • acknowledge and embrace key lessons learned in past


  • experience peace and pure love of spirit

  • "knowings" coming flooding in that can heal in this life including power and realisatins

  • that can lift and transform present situations


Keli - script and cheatsheet

M Sealey - rising up/planet/land/feet/hands etc (review)


1. PLR

2. PLR w/ Higher Self

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